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Transportation services for perishable merchandise.

Currently, perishable products are becoming more demanding and the transfer is

more complex and demanding, especially when dealing with sensitive products.

Ensure that fish, meat or fruits from other countries arrive in optimal conditions

conditions is an unprecedented logistical job, it is not a simple operation, since

that demands maximum quality systems throughout the entire process, from the warehouse

to its last distribution point.

At DIEX we take care of the transportation of those products whose quality degrades due to the passage of time, these given their short-lived chemical and physiological characteristics, are more susceptible to suffering severe and irreparable damage during transportation, especially everything if there is a temperature variation, so its handling must be extremely careful and efficient so that these are preserved and arrive in optimal conditions until its final consumer.

For all of the above, the most important thing when transporting perishable merchandise is

respect the cold chain as much as possible, which will guarantee that the properties of your

Products will remain intact at all times.

Temperature controlled transport vehicles

We share the types of transport ideal for the conservation of products


● Isothermal Transport: mainly used for goods that require a

constant temperature control during transport, but not necessarily

They need to be refrigerated or frozen.

● Refrigerated Transport: It has a cold source (non-mechanical) that allows

reduce the interior temperature and maintain it for an outside temperature

average 30º C to -20ºC maximum.

● Refrigerated Transport: It has a mechanical cold production device,

which allows the temperature inside the empty box to be reduced and kept

permanently between -12º C and -20ºC.

What is the best way to transport perishable merchandise?

Land transportation of perishables (Mexico and the United States)

● Highway. Trucks that transport perishable goods have

various cold systems, these can be mechanical or non-mechanical

(ice or dry ice is commonly used).

● Railway. The wagons must have an insulating coating, as well as

of a special cooling, loading and unloading system. Used

usually dry ice to provide cold.

● Air and sea transport of perishables (Europe and Asia)

Airports have a special center for handling perishable products,

from where the temperature is controlled through cold chambers and

freezing. These centers have a customs inspection post monitored throughout.

moment by specialized and highly qualified personnel, which ensures that the

merchandise is maintained at an optimal temperature at all times. Sea shipping is

done through refrigerated vessels fully equipped with efficient systems for the

correct air circulation.

At DIEX Logistics we know the importance of time, and even more so if it is perishable. That's why We have your best solution to keep your load at the desired temperature and the

We will keep on the road until we reach the last delivery point, we are looking forward to it

for working with you, contact us via message at and by

phone at (619) 373-6733

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