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How to choose the best transportation for your products?

We know that when selecting the best shipping method for your

products/merchandise is not usually a simple decision, since each way and method of

Cargo has its pros and cons, so how do you choose the best one? Here we share which ones

We consider the methods to evaluate so that your decision is correct and informed


Profitability, the decisive factor.

Generally, it is the first factor to be considered since it would be of no use to develop

a whole action plan if this is not going to be able to be solved. All operations of a

company are based on administrative planning, which is usually anticipated and precise

there is no room for errors.

However, when talking about profitability, not everything means “the cheapest” but in general

It's about adapting.

What is the fastest means of transportation?

When the final cost of the logistics chain depends on the time factor, it is worth

consider immediate spending as something secondary even if we also pursue

cost effectiveness.

a) Air and sea transport.

Without a doubt, shipping cargo by air is the fastest way to

ensure that the items arrive promptly at their destination, whether national or international.

especially cold chain products.

b) Auto-land transport

In the case of national shipments over long distances, land and/or rail transportation is

ideal, but not for perishable products.

At Diex Logistics we are sure that we can give you the best solution, efficiency,

profitability and confidence to transport your products with safety and guarantee. Call us

today at the number (619) 373-6733 or send us a message to

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